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I really like what you guys are doing!

I have a question regarding logs: can’t we get stack traces / logs when an exception happens in scriptr.io? It’s easier to debug when logs are available.


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Posted by - Asked on February 11, 2017 9:47 pm - 41 views

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Hi Jennifer,

Scriptr.io logs every request made to your scripts/files. It automatically logs the request headers, parameters and body. In addition to the default logs, it offers you two options to write additional log entries yourself from within your scripts:

1- The “console” built-in object allows you to add traces to the metadata of the http response sent by your script (https://www.scriptr.io/documentation#documentation-console), or
2- The “logs” module allows you to persist logs in your account (https://www.scriptr.io/documentation#documentation-loglogModule).

You can access the logs by clicking the Logs menu item on the top right corner of your workspace.

I hope this helps.

Julien Mrad

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Posted by - Replied on February 12, 2017 12:25 pm